Spowdi Stories

  • For the love of bees
    “We are an organic farm and insects are our friends. One could say that we use bees instead of fertilizers,” says Maria, the gardener at Ulriksdals värdshus, in the Stockholm region. Insects are amazing! They might annoy you during meals outside in the summer, but they play an important role in agriculture, ecosystem services, and biodiversity on our planet. They provide us with at least 75% of the food we consume. Without them, life would not be the same, and … Read more
  • Get your hands dirty!
    “You can’t be a perfectionist if you do what I do, you would go crazy. So sorry for all the weed, I’ll deal with that on Monday, that’s my weed day,” says Ellisiv, the owner of Tuna Greens. Ellisiv and her family started an organic vegetable farm here in Alunda, an hour and a half north of Stockholm seven years ago. Then it was just for being self-sufficient of food. Today the farm produces not only food for her family, … Read more
  • It all started with a crayfish dilemma in Sweden.
    15 years ago Henrik Johansson, founder and CEO of Spowdi, faced a challenge in the forests north of Uppsala, Sweden. It would be the beginning of a most unlikely innovation process. To be able to farm crayfish he needed to pump water between two ponds with no electricity for miles. Henrik called on a relative to help solve the problem.– We didn’t really want to build a pump, we just wanted to eat crayfish, says Henrik. There was a problem that had to be solved before they got to enjoy their crawfish party. They got … Read more

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