Sustainable and resilient food production I Spowdi

Resilient food-production

Spowdi Mobile Pro is used by food producers with one goal in common: to build sustainable and resilient local food production with low environmental impact. Effective irrigation systems help optimize food production, resulting in higher margins for food producers. This is where Spowdi makes a difference.

Smart Farming

Spowdi Smart Farming is about producing more crops using less energy and water; to use the environment to our advantage with zero emissions. Sustainable production systems are an important part of resilient food production. With the sun as the source of power and driplines to optimize water distribution, you will be able to maintain higher yields using less water and energy.

Organic cash-crop producers, fruit farmers, advanced home growers, winemakers, restaurants, spice-producers, and urban roof-top farmers that all use Spowdi Mobile Pro with one goal in common: create the prerequisites for resilient local food production with low environmental impact. We showcase Spowdi Smart Farming at some of our food-producing partner’s locations, so come and visit us! 

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