Regenerative is the new sustainable

The principle is that you always give back what you take. It is a circular way of thinking and taking care of what we have. Spowdi’s mission is to ignite millions of small-hold farmers with independence, self-sufficiency and profitability with increased crop yields, significantly less water use, and only the sun as a power source. We call it Spowdi Smart Farming.

Smart Farming harnesses and optimizes resources for greater sustainability

Through our ‘seeing is believing’ approach, Spowdi Smart Farming creates standards and specifications to develop small-hold farming into sustainable best practices. Spowdi’s patented technology and allied distribution and financing mechanisms are already enabling small-hold farmers to be more profitable by securing higher food production with less water.

Our ‘Spowdi Smart Farms’ work as demo sites, testbeds, and training hubs for small-hold farmers, trainers, distributors, educationists and potential partners.

Showcasing Spowdi Smart Farms

To see is to believe. That is why we have Spowdi Smart Farms open for visitors in the countries we operate in. Interested in visiting a Spowdi Smart Farm? Contact us at

India – Spowdi Smart Farm, Bengaluru

On the fringes of the buzzing city of Bengaluru is the Spowdi smart farm, where we grow vegetables, herbs and flowers using the Spowdi solar-powered irrigation system and our smart farming methods. The farm is a test-bed and demo farm for organizations, governments, and other stakeholders to witness regenerative farming. The harvests from our one-acre farm are used in the factory canteen.


Arun Raj Selvaraj

Spain – Spowdi Smart Farm, Malaga

In Malaga, Spain, we showcase our Spowdi solar-powered irrigation system, and companies, organizations, governments, and other stakeholders are welcome to visit the Smart Farm. Our Chief gardener Julio grows a variety of crops on the one-acre farm, delivering vegetables to nearby restaurants. This is truly a farm to fork concept in action.

Spowdi Smart Farm – Malaga

Puro Huerto, Los Manceras

Toto, Camino del Toto, Campanillas, 29590 Málaga

Chief gardener: Julio

Sweden – Spowdi Smart Farm, Stockholm

Encouraged by the outcome after one season with the Spowdi smart irrigation system, Ulriksdals Värdshus in the Royal Garden in Stockholm, is now expanding their locally grown produce and installing more Spowdi systems. The Spowdi system helps the restaurateurs move towards their goal to create a circular and sustainable ecosystem, improve produce traceability, and move away from industrially produced food.

Welcome to visit the garden where we showcase the Spowdi Mobile Pro MKII system.

Garden of Ulriksdals Värdshus

Ulriksdals Slottspark, 170 79 Solna.

Chief gardener: Maria Hult

Chief gardener: Maria Hult

Read more about farming at Ulriksdals Värdshus

Explore Spowdi stories of smart farming across the world

Small-hold farmers play a crucial role in driving an agricultural evolution that is fossil-free and regenerative. Spowdi’s fossil-free irrigation system enables them to secure higher crop yields, greater profitability, and with it, greater independence. Read more about Spowdi adopters and ambassadors below.

A group of Indian women part of SEWA sisters

SEWA sisters train in Spowdi Smart Farming

Spowdi has initiated the ‘Train the Trainer Programme’ in collaboration with the SEWA-supported Grassroot Trading Network for Women and SHL Medical. The program aims to provide education and training for SEWA grassroots members to be expert trainers in ‘Smart Farming’ and thereby enabling them to become economically independent micro-entrepreneurs. women's independence.