Why are we at COP28?

Climate change is a global issue and in order to mitigate it, collaboration and partnerships are vital. COP28 gathers delegates from all over the world in order to negotiate and implement strategies and action to combat climate change. Participants come from all sectors; world leaders, government officials, scientists, NGOs, climate experts, business leaders, and more. This makes COP28 an exceptional setting for climate change action. Spowdi will participate as a part of Business Sweden’s business delegation, urging climate stakeholders to take big bets for a sustainable and resilient food production system.

The daily brief

This year’s COP28 has officially reached its end after 12 intense and rewarding days. Team Spowdi has met with numerous diverse stakeholders, all with the common aim of finding a way forward toward a sustainable future. Meetings such as these are of great importance, as change requires collaboration and partnerships, and Spowdi is grateful for all of the meaningful connections made during the summit. 

Read more about Team Spowdi’s takeaways from COP28 here.

About Spowdi

Spowdi aims to empower small-hold farmers with sustainable farming practices, thereby enabling them to generate an impact that is essential for mitigating climate change, as well as poverty and hunger. That is what we would like to call climate-smart farming.

Spowdi’s agenda at COP28

The global population is set to reach over 9 billion by 2050, putting immense pressure on food, water, and land resources. Small-hold farmers, responsible for a third of global food production through 500 million farms employing 2 billion people, are vital stakeholders. Yet, they often lack access to green technology and are greatly impacted by climate change. This disrupts both the small-holder’s profitability and livelihood, as well as the global food production chain.

To bridge the gap between intention and action for a sustainable and fair agriculture transition, we must ensure that technological innovations and financial support reach the very beginning of the food production chain; the small-hold farmer. We see them as entrepreneurs, and like any other, they need access to capital or a financial kick-start in order to initiate this transformation toward more sustainable and resilient farming practices.

Spowdi’s innovative solution has the power to accelerate the green transition in food production and enable small-hold farmers to grow more food with less water and time. However, this can only be done when we collaborate together. At COP28, we invite industry, policy makers and climate financiers to bridge the gap and kick-start the transformation toward more sustainable and resilient food production system.

Team Spowdi at COP28

Spowdi founder and CEO Henrik Johansson

Henrik Johansson, CEO & Co-founder

“The technology exists and is awarded by World Economic Forum. The need for Smart Farming also exists. To transition to profitable food production, small-hold farmers should be given access to a financial kick-start, like any other entrepreneur.”

Jakob Kiefer, Executive Board Member

“The theme for this year’s COP28 is to fast-track emission cuts. It’s to put nature, lives and livelihoods at the forefront. It’s to mobilize in an inclusive and collaborative way. Spowdi’s Smart Farming model ticks all of these boxes.”

Rupali Mehra

Rupali Mehra, CMO

“Small-hold farmers can be Impact Generators and future-proof the food production system. However, they need Enablers. At COP28 we want to meet Impact Enablers that can take bold bets and make that happen.”

Livestream and schedule

Dec 1LocationTheme
15.28 – 15.48 (GST)Swedish Pavilion, Blue ZoneThe role of Circularity
Dec 3LocationTheme
09.30 – 10.40 (GST)Swedish Pavilion, Blue ZoneImpact tech for scale and action
Dec 10LocationTheme
09.00 – 09.40 (GST)Swedish Pavilion, Blue ZoneTaking bold bets to future-proof food production
Dec 10LocationTheme
13.00 – 13.40 (GST)Swedish Pavilion, Blue ZoneResilient Food Production Systems – Enabling impact generators through innovation

The latest news from COP28

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