Discover regenerative farming with the Spowdi system for smart irrigation

Grow more food with less water and zero emissions. Our patented Spowdi Mobile Pro solution brings you the world’s most energy-efficient drip irrigation water distribution system, powered by the sun.

Larger harvests at a lower cost

Increase crop yields on existing farmland with Spowdi’s solar-powered drip irrigation system, proven to generate higher crop yield with significantly less water and lower operating costs compared with fossil fuel pumps.

Up to 80% water saved with targeted irrigation

By distributing water directly to the plant drop by drop, the Spowdi Mobile Pro system, combined with drip irrigation, can save up to 80% of water compared with traditional irrigation methods like flooding.

Solar-powered and emission-free

Spowdi’s patented green-tech innovation uses the sun as the only power source, resulting in zero emissions and enabling small-hold farmers to move away from fossil fuel dependencies.

Lightweight, portable and robust

A lightweight, portable system that weighs just 15 kilograms in total and is easy to install and handle by one person. It is durably built to withstand tough conditions such as daily movement, high temperatures, dirt and muddy water.

Up to one acre of coverage

Spowdi’s compact patented solar-powered system is so energy efficient that a small solar panel (150W) is enough to deliver 1500 liters of water per hour with high and stable pressure, making it perfect for small-scale farmers with up to one acre of land.

Time saved for other activities

Spowdi’s solar-powered system is optimized for drip irrigation and saves farmers the time consumed by traditional manual labor for irrigation, giving farmers and their families more time to engage in other life-enriching activities, including education.

Good to know about our solar panel

Mobile Pro MKII uses very little energy to produce the pneumatic pressure needed to pump water. The unit is mobile (total weight: 15kg) and can often be carried by one person.

If the farmer needs a backup power source off the grid, the system can run for two days on a regular 12V car battery. The 12V system is powered with a maximum of 90W and can deliver up to 25 m3 of water, with 10 hours of sunshine (more if connected to a backup battery).

A robust, flexible and portable Smart Farming system

Spowdi’s patented technology reduces both the size of the pump motor and the solar panel, which makes it possible to produce a more cost-effective system for solar-powered water distribution.

Mobile Pro MKII is built on three durable and portable main components

Spowdi Power Management Box

Power management box (PMB)

This is the heart of the system. Power is delivered from the solar panel to the PMB where pressurized air is produced and delivered to the pump unit. When connected to the solar panel and pump unit, just press start.

Solar panel

Spowdi solar panel

The solar panel is compact and optimized for smart farming. It is small and robust, safe and easy to transport. Connect the solar panel at the back of the PMB and you have an energy-efficient system to run an upto a one-acre farm.

Spowdi water pump

Water pump unit

The Spowdi pneumatic pump pressurizes water together with the pressurized air, one stroke at a time, and about 160 times per minute. It has a durable design and has been tested and made to work long hours in tough, challenging environments.

System overview

System components

  1. Power Management Box (PBM)
  2. Pump unit with Ø8mm, 5m air hose
  3. Pressure vessel with Ø25mm T-connector
  4. 150W solar panel

Extension components

  1. Water tube Ø25mm, 1 meter
  2. Water extraction tube Ø25mm, 30cm
  3. Air tube Ø16mm, 0.8 meter
  4. Straight connector Ø25mm
  5. Quick connector Ø16mm
  6. Quick connector Ø8mm

Maintenance parts

  1. Membrane
  2. Spowdi tool



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Step-by-step installation videos

Watch the Spowdi Smart Farm video

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Buy the Spowdi Smart Farming system

Shift to regenerative farming with the Spowdi Mobile Pro MKII. Small-hold farmers and other industries, like fishing industries, can move and save water with only the sun as a power source, resulting in more food production and lowered operational costs.

Spowdi’s Smart Farming systems are sold through our distributors and resellers across different markets. If you are interested in buying our system, kindly contact and we will direct you to the right persons and markets.