Imagine a world where farming is fossil-free, saves water, and generates more food.

Grow more food with less water and zero emissions. Our patented Spowdi Mobile Pro solution brings you the world’s most energy-efficient drip irrigation water distribution system.

Spowdi is igniting an agricultural evolution with the help of the sun. Our solar-powered drip irrigation system enables small-hold farmers to secure a more profitable food production system and leave the fossil fuel era behind.

Spowdi wins World Economic Forum ‘Top Innovator’ award for climate smart farming solution

The Smarter Climate Farmers Challenge sought solutions that addresses the impact of climate change on food production and livelihoods.

Grow more food with less water, powered by the sun

Our patented Spowdi Mobile Pro MKII product is the world’s most energy-efficient water distribution system, optimized for drip irrigation. Lightweight and portable, easy to install, and perfect for up to one-acre farms.

Larger harvests at a lower cost

Increase crop yields on existing farmland with Spowdi’s solar-powered drip irrigation system, proven to generate higher crop yield with significantly less water and lower operating costs compared with fossil fuel pumps.

Up to 80% water saved with targeted irrigation

By distributing water directly to the plant drop by drop, the Spowdi Mobile Pro system, combined with drip irrigation, can save up to 80% of water compared with traditional irrigation methods like flooding.

Solar-powered and emission-free

Spowdi’s patented green-tech innovation uses the sun as the only power source, resulting in zero emissions and enabling small-hold farmers to move away from fossil fuel dependencies.

Green innovations with a positive global impact

Spowdi’s smart farming and our globally patented technology enables small-hold farmers to move and save water with help from the sun and move away from fossil fuel dependencies. We innovate to make a positive global impact and help achieve the UN’s Global Goals for sustainable development.

A group of Indian women part of SEWA sisters

SEWA sisters train in Spowdi Smart Farming

Spowdi has initiated the ‘Train the Trainer Programme’ in collaboration with the SEWA-supported Grassroot Trading Network for Women and SHL Medical. The program aims to provide education and training for SEWA grassroots members to be expert trainers in ‘Smart Farming’ and thereby enabling them to become economically independent micro-entrepreneurs. women's independence.

Ignite a fossil-free agricultural evolution with us.

We are a company that is leading the transformation towards regenerative agriculture, to make a positive impact on both, the people and the planet. Join us in our efforts.

Invest in a greener tomorrow

Spowdi’s vision is to lead the transformation to a regenerative world, to invent high-quality products that promote ways to move and save water with renewables for a greener tomorrow. Become part of our journey towards a positive global impact and enable people to a better livelihood, and a fossil-free food production.

Smart irrigation at a global scale

Spowdi was founded in 2016 and operates in Europe and India, aiming at Africa and U.S. as the next step, with the mission to innovate for resilient food production with a low environmental impact.

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