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Solar-powered water distribution

Spowdi® is short for “solar-powered water distribution”, and that is exactly what we do!  With a bit of sunshine and some water, our Spowdi Mobile Pro will irrigate your crops, quench your cattle or fill your water reservoirs.


– A new technology for a greener tomorrow

There are approximately 500 million so-called one-acre farmers in the world. Roughly 20% of these farmers use mechanized diesel-powered irrigation. Many of these pumps are moved from farm to farm and run continuously. Each pump uses more than 200 liters of diesel each year resulting in 700 kg of CO2 per pump per year being released in to the environment.

The Spowdi system is a solution for distributing water and resilient food production. Organic production also contributes to maintaining sustainable agriculture with the use of renewable energy sources.

Spowdi’s first product on the market is Spowdi Mobile Pro, a system designed to be used by food producers in need of flexible irrigation systems that can run on solar power. It is a system that supports every aspect of sustainable and resilient food production.

Food producers become more independent with Spowdi Mobile Pro; the solar panel generates enough power to run the system and charge the built-in back-up battery on a sunny day. No external energy sources like electric grids or diesel are necessary. The cost of running the system is extremely low compared to a diesel pump. The savings mean the system has paid for itself after 18-months use, compared to any diesel pump system. The Spowdi system is built to support a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food production system.

Anders Andersson, Spowdi’s Vice President.


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