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Higher yields and
lower running costs

  • Produce more food on existing farmland
  • Increase number of harvests per year
  • Become independent from fossil fuels for irrigation


  • Spowdi takes the next step in Kerala
    Two years ago, Spowdi AB began working with the Indian agricultural cooperative Raidco Kerala to test Spowdi Mobile Pro in the fields of Kerala state.– The …
  • Lars Thunell – new chairman of Spowdi AB
    Spowdi AB has developed and patented the world’s most energy-efficient solar-powered water distribution system for the hundreds of millions of small food producers around the world. …
  • For the love of bees
    “We are an organic farm and insects are our friends. One could say that we use bees instead of fertilizers,” says Maria, the gardener at Ulriksdals …
  • Get your hands dirty!
    You can’t be a perfectionist if you do what I do, you would go crazy. So sorry for all the weed, I’ll deal with that on …
  • Meet Pepe – A small hold farmer in Spain
    Finca Pepe is located outside Fuengirola in the hills of Los Pacos. The farm has been run by Pepe and his brother as a hobby since …
  • It all started with a crayfish dilemma in Sweden.
    15 years ago Henrik Johansson, founder and CEO of Spowdi, faced a challenge in the forests north of Uppsala, Sweden. It would be the beginning of a most unlikely innovation process. To be able to farm crayfish …

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