Spowdi one of the game-changing companies for a sustainable future

Spowdi is very proud to be presented as one of the game changing companies for a sustainable future in the report “Sustainability Game Changers – Nordic Top 50”. The research and presentation is made by Megadeals Advisory in cooperation with the organisation We Don’t Have Time where they want to recognize companies that not only have a great innovation or solution that has a significant impact on lowering CO2 emissions but also have put in place measures to scale and commercialize.

Graphic with the text: "Sustainability game changers. Nordic top 50. Fast commercial scaling and high sustainability impact".

About Spowdi

Since 2014 Spowdi AB has developed and patented the world’s most energy-efficient solar-powered micro water irrigation system for the hundreds of millions of small-scale farmers around the world.

The company is funded by state owned Almi Invest GreenTech, SHL Medical AG and a number of seasoned private investors.

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