SHL Medical supports the ‘Water Drop Initiative’ taking Smart Farming to SEWA Sisters

We at Spowdi are delighted to share the news about SHL Medical’s support to the Water Drop Initiative, introducing Smart Farming to SEWA Sisters in India. The Water Drop Initiative is a joint effort between SHL Medical, Spowdi and SEWA affiliated associations to empower women micro-entrepreneurs and small-hold farmers with independence and higher profitability. The ‘Initiative’ was launched to transform practices towards regenerative farming, reduce dependencies on fossil fueled energy, and be economically independent.

A group of Indian women part of SEWA sisters

Under this initiative, Spowdi, in collaboration with the SEWA-supported Grassroot Trading Network for Women, have initiated the ‘Train the Trainer Programme’. The programme aims to provide education and training for SEWA grassroots members and enables them to become experts in ‘Smart Farming’. A special thanks to SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association), the world’s largest association of informal workers, with 1.9 million women as members across India and to the Grassroot Trading Network for Women (GTNfW) that is leading this initiative on the ground (pictures from Spowdi).

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