Lars Thunell – new chairman of Spowdi AB

Spowdi AB has developed and patented the world’s most energy-efficient solar-powered water distribution system for the hundreds of millions of small food producers around the world.

Lars Thunell

“I have followed Spowdi and been an advisor to the company for a long time. The potential is great and Spowdi’s product will be able to do great good, not least for all small-hold farmers who today have no equipment for irrigation or use expensive diesel pump systems. Now when the company has raised capital with me as one of the investors, the timing is right to take the position as chairman”, says Lars Thunell.

Until now, the company has launched solar-powered irrigation products in India and established a factory in Bengaluru. Spowdi is now broadening its focus. In the first step, a demonstration facility for the European and North African markets will be built in Malaga, Spain. Another step is the new board of directors who will consist of Henrik Johansson, co-founder and CEO of Spowdi AB, Boris Gyllhamn, Almi Invest GreenTech, Markus Puusepp, SHL Medical AG, and Peter Silfverswärd.

We are very pleased to be able to present such well-known names for our board of directors. The board will focus on and ensure that we grow with quality in the world market.

Henrik Johansson, Spowdi’s CEO

Last week, Spowdi AB secured a private placement of SEK 20 million from Almi Invest GreenTech and Lars Thunell, among others.

For more information please contact
Anders Andersson
CIO, Spowdi AB
Phone: 0730-641366

About Spowdi AB

Spowdi AB has a patent for the world’s most energy-efficient solar-powered water distribution system adapted for drip irrigation, which is aimed at the hundreds of millions of small food producers around the world who want to be able to irrigate and thus produce more food with less water consumption at lower costs.

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