Greentech innovator Spowdi expands Board, appoints two industry experts for global growth

To support its global expansion plans, greentech innovation company Spowdi announces two additions to its Board of Directors. Jakob Kiefer and Jan Wassén are appointed as Executive Members of Spowdi’s Board of Directors.

“We are pleased to welcome Jan Wassén and Jakob Kiefer to our Board. Jan and Jakob bring deep experience in driving global businesses, which is crucial for Spowdi’s growth,” says Dr. Lars Thunell, Chair of Spowdi’s Board of Directors and former Executive Vice President and CEO of International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group.

Jakob Kiefer previously served as Group Head of Public Affairs at ABB Group and has a long career with senior posts in the Swedish Foreign service, including as Ambassador for Sustainable Business, Ambassador to Chile and Peru, Deputy Chief of Mission in Beijing, Chief of Staff at the Swedish Ministry of Defence, as well as Head of Trade Office, OECD and Malaysia.

“To be given the opportunity to support a company that has so much to offer to a crucial sector of the economy feels and is important. Spowdi has the potential to revolutionize the way small-hold farming operates. What strikes me is the fact that there are over 500 million small farms. They represent 30% of all food production. And we have all felt the squeeze of food production and security”, says Jakob Kiefer. “The conditions for farming are likely to be exacerbated as the effects of climate change reach more and more parts of the world. Water is at the core of Spowdi’s technology, and by deploying it, water usage can decrease by up to 80%. Spowdi also takes out a large part of CO2, with its solar-powered energy. Like all the best technologies, it’s simple and affordable in all its sophistication.”

Jan Wassén has over 30 years of experience in the industry and was previously with Volvo cars for over 15 years, where he last served as Chief of Staff, Special Vehicles and Accessories, Volvo Cars, and as Director of Business Analytics.

“I am thrilled to contribute to Spowdi, because it’s a company based on a Swedish invention, which could really change the conditions for small-hold farmers all around the world. I’ve always wanted to spend my efforts on something that contributes to a more sustainable world, and this appointment is really bulls eye,” says Jan Wassén. “My contribution will be on the industrial side, both in the areas of engineering and quality, but also on the manufacturing and launch side. An opportunity to dwell on the areas of digitalization and data science it would be even more satisfying.”

“I am delighted that Jakob and Jan have accepted to join our Board. The timing is perfect as we are now scaling up our activities and entering new markets, says Henrik Johansson, CEO and Co-founder of Spowdi. Spowdi is already in India and South Europe and is now exploring markets in Africa and South-East Asia.

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