From Farm to Fork in Malaga, Spain

Spowdi has a demofarm in Malaga, Spain where we get visitors; companies, farmers, organisations etc, wanting to see our Spowdi Mobile Pro system in action generating crops using drip irrigation together with our energy-efficient water distribution pump that runs entirely on solar-power.

From Farm to Fork in Malaga, Spain

The harvest in our demo farm is now generating tomatoes, cucumber, padrons, squash, watermelons and a lot more. One challenge in a lot of areas in Spain for farmers is access to water and minimize the use of the scarce resource water. Our system saves about 80% of wateruse due to optimizing the plants at the right time with the right amount water that can generate a sustainable and resilient food production.

One way to also make the food production more effective and sustainable is by selling and cooperate with nearby sellers, like restaurants. The concept From Farm to Fork is something Spowdi really want to promote.

Today we deliver crops to nearby restaurants and thereby generating a chain from growing crops in a way that is totally sustainable and transparent using our solar-powered pump for distributing water, generating good harvests, and then transport it directly to a fork nearby. Giving both the farmers and the people a greener and better tomorrow.

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