Team Spowdi - Spowdi

Henrik Johansson - CEO

Anders Andersson - CSO

Skärmavbild 2022-03-21 kl. 13.45.22

Ola Roos - CFO

Rupali Mehra - PR and communication India

Arun Raj Selvaraj - Supply Chain Manager +91 94814 09840

Rahul Kishorekumar - Junior Project Manager

About Spowdi

Spowdi AB was founded in 2016. The company focuses on developing solar-powered water distribution systems. The company holds a world-wide patent on a new technology that uses compressed air instead of rotating impellers to move water. The benefit of this unique technology is that the system is robust, energy-efficient, lightweight and mobile and it can build enough pressure to run a drip irrigation system for a small farm. Read the story of how it all started with a crayfish dilemma in the deep forests of Sweden.

Spowdi Mobile Pro, a system designed to be used by small-scale food producers who need a flexible irrigation system they can run with a small and easy to carry solar-panel. Meet the farmers and read about best practice solutions.

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