Pepe: More crops with drip irrigation in Fuengirola, Spain

On the outskirts of the town Fuengirola lie the hills of Los Pacos. Here, you can find the Finca Pepe farm and meet small-hold farmer Pepe. His brother and he started the organic farm a few years ago, where they grow a variety of fruits and vegetables including avocado, tomatoes, and peppers. Nothing is wasted on Pepe’s farm. He even makes his own organic compost.

Los Pacos receives plenty of sunshine. However, water in this hilly region is scarce and electricity is expensive.

In 2019, Pepe adopted the Spowdi smart farming system to irrigate his farm, which is divided into four irrigation zones. With one Spowdi Mobile Pro system, Pepe can drip-irrigate all four zones and even control the exact amount of water required for each type of crop.

As a result, Pepe gets higher yields with less water. Using the sun as the only power source, Pepe is doing much more than saving on electricity costs. He is igniting a farming evolution that is regenerative and gentle on the planet.

The farm

Finca Pepe. Smallhold Farmer. Spowdi Adopter.

Los Pacos, Fuengirola, Spain

Size of farm
One acre

A variety of fruits and vegetables including avocado, tomatoes, peppers

Water source
Collected from natural water source in the mountains & stored in a tank.

Higher crop yields, lower costs

Increase crop yields on existing farmland with Spowdi’s solar-powered drip irrigation system, proven to generate higher crop yield with significantly less water and lower operating costs compared with fossil fuel pumps

Save water with precision farming

By distributing water directly to the plant drop by drop, the Spowdi Mobile Pro system, combined with drip irrigation, can save up to 80% of water compared with traditional irrigation methods like flooding.

Save time for other activities

Using our solar-powered drip irrigation system instead of traditional irrigation, often done manually, saves significant time for farmers and their families, to engage in other life-enriching activities, including education.

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Small-hold farmers play a crucial role in driving an agricultural evolution that is fossil-free and regenerative. Spowdi’s fossil-free irrigation system enables them to secure higher crop yields, greater profitability, and with it, greater independence. Read more about Spowdi adopters and ambassadors below.

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SEWA sisters train in Spowdi Smart Farming

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