Market gardening at Bobrunna Farm, Uppsala

Elin Boström is a market gardener producing and selling crops at local markets. She installed the Spowdi smart farming system in 2021. She grows, salad, carrots, onion, garlic, potatoes, herbs, asparagus, and a lot more. Impressed by the results of the Spowdi system, Elin plans to expand her farming area and set up another Spowdi system.

Elin’s goal is to have a sustainable market garden that optimizes food production with drip irrigation and is independent of fossil fuels. In Spowdi’s solar-powered water distribution system, she found a solution that saves water and provides just the right amount of water needed for the plant roots, thereby generating better crop yields. Impressed by the results of Spowdi smart farming, Elin plans to expand her farming area and install another Spowdi system.

The farm

Bobrunna, Uppsala, Sweden

Salad greens, kale, zucchini, berries, spices, potatoes, flowers and more

Size of farm
Two acres

Water source
Dam and water cistern

Higher crop yields, lower costs

Increase crop yields on existing farmland with Spowdi’s solar-powered drip irrigation system, proven to generate higher crop yield with significantly less water and lower operating costs compared with fossil fuel pumps.

Save water with precision farming

By distributing water directly to the plant drop by drop, the Spowdi Mobile Pro system, combined with drip irrigation, can save up to 80% of water compared with traditional irrigation methods like flooding.

Save time for other activities

Using our solar-powered drip irrigation system instead of traditional irrigation, often done manually, saves significant time for farmers and their families, to engage in other life-enriching activities, including education.

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Small-hold farmers play a crucial role in driving an agricultural evolution that is fossil-free and regenerative. Spowdi’s fossil-free irrigation system enables them to secure higher crop yields, greater profitability, and with it, greater independence. Read more about Spowdi adopters and ambassadors below.

A group of Indian women part of SEWA sisters

SEWA sisters train in Spowdi Smart Farming

Spowdi has initiated the ‘Train the Trainer Programme’ in collaboration with the SEWA-supported Grassroot Trading Network for Women and SHL Medical. The program aims to provide education and training for SEWA grassroots members to be expert trainers in ‘Smart Farming’ and thereby enabling them to become economically independent micro-entrepreneurs. women's independence.