Spowdi’s smart farming system resonates with India’s small-hold farmers

Since Spowdi´s inception in India, its key mission has been to create clean and sustainable solutions that enable small-hold farmers to build a more resilient food production system. Industry experts, including Business Sweden, feel that Spowdi’s solar-powered micro-irrigation system could address the most pressing challenges faced by India’s small-hold farmers.

Spowdi’s smart farming system resonates with India’s small-hold farmers

Four years ago, Spowdi as a Swedish Greentech start-up, was handpicked to participate in the India-Sweden Innovations Accelerator program with an aim to enable small-hold farmers to generate higher crop yields with less water and clean energy, thereby making them more independent and profitable. Spowdi’s innovation also meets the Indian government’s push toward solar-powered energy. Read more about Spowdi’s innovation in The Economic Times.

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