Higher yields and lower running costs with Spowdi smart farming

Small hold Farmers

Farmers we meet have very specific demands – they require technologies that make irrigation possible to run in remote geographical locations, often without access to electricity or proper irrigation infrastructure. If this problem is properly addressed, the entire small-scale food sector can dramatically accelerate, to the benefit of local communities and the global environment. One very important aspect that makes small-scale food production less competitive is the cost related to irrigation and fertilization.

Scaling profit through irrigation efficiency

Irrigation today is about manual work. Small-holder farmers typically use manual irrigation involving the whole family or fossil-fueled irrigation systems which are expensive to run and maintain and damaging to the environment. Subsistence farmers are particularly burdened by the intensive labor needs associated with irrigating crops. As global temperatures rise and rainfall becomes more unpredictable, more effort will be needed to ensure crops are adequately irrigated.

Our contribution to the challenges described above is solar-powered pumps in combination with efficient irrigation systems. These systems provide sustainable irrigation by delivering the necessary volume of water in a timely manner, utilizing energy sources at reduced costs, increasing agricultural outputs, and mitigating environmental impacts

Spowdi Mobile Pro is built for solar-powered micro-irrigation for small-hold farming. In addition to leveling the playing field in terms of costs, the solution also reduces emissions and optimizes water usage. By only irrigating the root zone of the plants and not spraying or flood irrigating the field, less evaporation occurs and water consumption is reduced which helps in regenerating aquifers. Fertilizers can also be used much more efficiently with the system since they can be administered directly to the plant. We call the system that we provide together with the best practice solutions we have developed- Spowdi Smart Farming.

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