Organic farming with Spowdi smart farming

Organic Farming

Here you will meet our organic farmers around the world.

Organic food production

The organic food industry is one of the fastest-growing food production sectors around the world. The American and European markets are the largest, producing about 90% of all organic food globally. Studies in food safety and quality have revealed that when comparing organic food with non-organic food organic products have higher nutrition values, lower levels of chemical residues, and generally taste better.

As a result, the most important sustainable agriculture system introduced in recent years is organic farming. The environmental benefits such as biodiversity conservation, better soil quality, strengthening adaptation strategies, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are a few of the positives that combined with energy efficiency make it a sustainable solution.

Organic food production is a low-risk strategy and a realistic option for small-scale farmers. For small-scale farmers, the benefits are numerous: better bargaining power with buyers, easier access to credit and markets, and a reduction in certification costs. A further spin-off effect is an increase in employment opportunities in rural areas and improved living standards due to increased income.

The Spowdi system is a solution, not only in line with the EU regulation 834/2007 on organic production and labeling of organic products but one that also contributes to maintaining sustainable agriculture with the use of renewable energy sources.

Meet our organic farmers

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