Farm to fork with solar powered drip-irrigation I Spowdi

Farm to Fork

Here we will tell about one of the reasons why we exist and how we work with farmers around the world with resilient food production. How restaurants and other producers tell the story of food production, hear customers review of fresh food and beauty of knowing its origin, in some cases also being able to enjoy the dining view of the growing fields.

Farm to fork with solar-powered drip irrigation

In order to increase food production, reduce time spent on irrigation without affecting the environment Spowdi and selected partners initiate projects with solar-powered drip irrigation in focus. The aim is to irrigate the whole farm, generate increased yields and at the same time reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and water volumes spent on irrigation.

– We hope to inspire other players to initiate similar initiatives by leading the development and showing that it is possible to do the right thing without sacrificing the profitability requirements of the business.

Anders Andersson, Spowdi’s VP.

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