Organic farming in Alunda, Uppsala, Sweden

Tuna Grönsaker, or “Tuna Greens” in English, is an organic vegetable farm north of Uppsala in Sweden. The farm is run by Elisiv Lindroth, a well-known local grower and expert in organic farming.

Organic farming in Alunda, Uppsala, Sweden

It all started as a project for the family to live more sustainable with vegetable production in focus. Water was harvested from the farm’s roofs and stored in a dam next to the field and irrigation was initially don by hand. Spowdi got in contact with Elisive more than three years ago and Tuna Greens became Spowdi’s testing facility in Sweden.

– Together with Tuna greens, we have been able to conduct long-term tests and in that process-perfected our equipment. We have also learned a lot more about building irrigation solutions for horticulture.

Henrik Johansson, Spowdi’s CEO.

Today, three years since we started working with Tuna greens, they are producing enough food for the family, for the store, and for the weekly “green-box” -byers without releasing any emissions since all equipment runs on solar power. The farms’ irrigation system is using collected greywater which means that very little drinking water is used for irrigation.

In addition to vegetable farming Elisiv also produce eggs, honey, and runs the farm store. From here the families produce is sold and delivered to some of the local families and schools who have signed up for a program to get weekly deliveries of fresh produce. But you can also stop by the barn at the farm; pick what you prefer and put money in a jar or bank transfer “swish”. Also, you can do the shopping digitally by visit Reko, a Facebook-based community on Facebook/tunagronsaker

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