Meet a farmer in Chhattisgarh, India

In Chhattisgarh most of the farmers believe in growing rice paddy as a source of income. They mainly rely on fossil fuel driven energy and on the monsoon for watering the fields, and a paddy needs a lot of water. To increase yields on existing cropped lands this farmer now grows vegetable crops with our solar-driven pump Spowdi Mobile Pro for drip irrigation.

Meet a farmer in Chhattisgarh, India

The water source is a fish farm adjacent to an open land, now transporting water to a pond where Spowdis system enable minimized water use directly to the vegetable root giving the crop the right amount water automatically in limited time by using only the sun as the power source. The mobile, automatic and effective system enables the farmer and family with free time which in this case resulted in great satisfaction and inquiry for expansion.

To create resilient local food production in a smart way to due to diversified and increased yields on existing cropped lands with less water and no emissions is giving this farmer more profit and independence with the possibility to be fossil free and save time. Spowdis mission is to ignite the million small-hold farmer families in India with good prerequisites for a better and greener tomorrow. To witness and hear the farmers stories is crucial.

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